Nootropics Banned from the Olympic Games

Why are nootropics banned from the Olympic Games and how nootropics may benefit athletes and sports?

‍ Nootropics Banned from the Olympic Games

You must have seen several television shows and movies which show fantasies and fictional stories about expanding capabilities of the human mind. These movies show that just with the help of one tablet or pill, the character starts showing capabilities of superheroes. They start showing more brain function than a normal human being. Some people might consider it a fantasy but the reality is very different. The truth is that there are some products available in the markets which have the capability to boost the power of the human brain and help it to become alert and powerful. These products are available in the form of powder or pills. These pills have proved themselves to be perfectly safe for human use. These products are available all over the world and are called “nootropics”. Pointing out the fact that these pills will obviously not give you the power of superheroes but they will help you to unlock the abilities of your brain for better performance, both mentally and physically.

What are nootropics?

Many people must have been familiar with the term “smart drugs”. You must have wondered that what actually these smart drugs are and how are they beneficial for humans. Smart drugs are actually nootropics and these drugs are available in both natural and synthetic forms. In 1964 the pharmaceutical experts of Belgian created the first synthetic smart drug known as piracetam. Since then nootropics are available in many countries and can be bought using a prescription while in some countries these smart drugs are available in the form of supplements. Several natural supplements which have been available easily for decades are also considered to be nootropics. For example, fish oil and caffeine are the natural substances which fall under the category of nootropics. Nootropics have always been safe to use whether they are natural or synthetic. Headaches are the most common side effect of these smart drugs and can be easily avoided by using a supplement called choline.

Physical effects of nootropics

Nootropics have shown their benefits on the physical performance of a person. To understand this effect we need to understand neurotransmitters.  Acetylcholine acts as both cognitive neurotransmitter and neuromodulator for different functions of muscles. It will not only help human with memory and learning practices but will also help them with coordination, balance, and movement of muscles. Acetylcholine helps the brain to control human muscles. An enzyme named acetylcholinesterase works to terminate the movement of muscles. Cognitive problems can be created in the human body if acetylcholinesterase is present in very high amount. However, our body will not be able to survive without this enzyme as it terminates the movement of muscles but it should only be present in moderate quantity. Nootropics work as positive modulators for acetylcholine. It simply means that nootropics increase the activity of acetylcholine and as a result human body shows better physical performance.

Other benefits of nootropics

Nootropics also increase the production of neurotransmitters in human brain. This increase in production can improve the ability of brain cells to communicate and work. The production of neurotransmitters, which already exists in the brain, can also be preserved by some nootropics. These types of nootropics increase the blood flow in the brain. All of this can improve the ability of the brain to work and can improve the health of brain as well. Some of the effects of nootropics on brain health include:

  • ‍anxiety and stress reduction
  • depression management
  • ‍increase brain memory
  • ‍remain calm
  • improve cognitive function
  • ‍sports psychology improves performance

As the nootropics can improve the blood flow in brain, therefore, these smart drugs have also been used to treat different brain conditions. In many parts of the world, nootropics are administered after any serious injury of the brain for the speedy recovery. Doctors use nootropics because of their ability to improve the performance of the brain.

Are nootropics beneficial for athletes?

You should be physically and mentally active if you want to improve your performance in sports. Nootropics will help your brain to increase the level of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters will assist your brain to communicate more effectively with your body. The neurotransmitters like acetylcholine are responsible for activating the muscles and increasing the ability to response. Nootropics improve the reaction time and attention level, these are qualities needed for physical activities like sports and can be valuable for athletes. Nootropics will increase the level of cognition, improve the endurance and level, and will increase the response of the human body.


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Are nootropics banned from Olympic Games?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WAPA) is responsible for taking care of matters related to the use of drugs in Olympic Games. WAPA has banned several nootropics from the Olympic Games because of their unfair advantages for the athletes. Some of these nootropics include Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam, and Modafinil. The ability of these nootropics to give extra energy to the athletes and to increase their brain ability has been considered as giving an illegal advantage to the participants.

If you read the history of Olympic Games you will find many cases where athletes have been disqualified from the games because of using phenylpiracetam. In 2006 Olympic Games Olga Pyleva (silver medalist) was banned from the Olympics for using phenylpiracetam. Two other similar cases were also reported during the Olympic games of 2008.

It is highly recommended for you to check the list of banned nootropics by WAPA if you are a professional player. It will be best for you to consult a professional organization that can give you the right information about nootropics if you are new this subject.

You will find a lot of professional websites which will guide you about the proper use of nootropics along with the selection of products. You need to be more careful if you are going in Olympic games as different tests are carried out to check whether the athlete has used the banned product or not.

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